Securing AODV: The A-SAODV Secure Routing Prototype 2

Davide Cerri, Alessandro Ghioni
IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 46, n. 2, febbraio 2008

Mobile ad hoc networks pose new kinds of security problems, caused by their nature of collaborative and open systems and by limited availability of resources. In this article we consider a Wi-Fi connectivity data link layer as a basis, and focus on routing security. We discuss our implementation of the Secure AODV protocol extension, which includes some tuning strategies aimed at improving its performance. Namely, we propose an adaptive mechanism that tunes SAODV behaviour. Moreover, we analyse our adaptive strategy and another technique that delays the verification of digital signatures. This paper sums up the experience we collected in the prototype design, implementation and tuning.

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2 commenti su “Securing AODV: The A-SAODV Secure Routing Prototype

  • Suyash bhardwaj

    dear sir
    i could not find the source code of A-SAODV for ns2
    would you please send me a link for that
    that would be helpful

    • Davide L'autore dell'articolo

      We never published A-SAODV simulation code for ns-2. Several years ago we published a full experimental implementation of A-SAODV, but as far as I know it is not available any more (even though you might be able to find it somewhere).